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Our portfolio includes a wide variety of mobile apps catering to different business verticals.

Portfolio - GCCM Magazine Screen

The main aim of this Online Magazine is to create a platform that provides all the features & facilities of an Online Magazine. An GCCM Online Magazine contains all information related to the events related to GCCM client , highlights of sponsors, Advertisements and other articles organized into different categories. Users are allowed to access all the features of magazine downloading it from app stores.

The system is divided into two modules as

User Module: This module allows user can view the Magazine can give advertisements.

Editor Module: In which the editors can edit the articles, create new articles and preview the magazine.

Portfolio - CCM Screen

A Client Communication Manager is a computer server, specifically a webserver, that stores and manages event details like event date, appointments, feedback/discussions of clients, users, project leads.

The developed app will manage the following functionalities:

  • Leads management
  • Discussions management
  • Feedback management
  • Schedule management
  • View appointments
  • Users management [only for admin]
Portfolio - Vox Parton Screen

Vox Patron is an enterprise mobile application designed for company clients where they can login and view their package and contact details. Client can view their products list and respective account and technical details. Client can also view past payments info list and details product wise. Can add new payment, which will be forwarded to concerned department.


  • Clients package and contact details
  • Clients billed products list and details
  • Clients payments list and details
  • Clients can view upcoming products