Custom Software Development Services

Transforming Ideas and Business Needs into Unique Software Applications

Be it a new software or custom software development needs, Mobee Labs’ comprehensive software development services will deliver the best for your business. We have rich expertise in developing custom applications that align with your business goals and aspirations.

Our dedicated team of developers have strong programming skills in Android, iOS, Web Services, PHP, Java, VC++, Net development and other platforms. They work closely with each other adding actionable insights in our application development process. At each stage of SDLC, they try to get in touch with you seeking your review and feedback. All changes will then be induced in the application development much to your satisfaction while giving our own edge to it.

We extend comprehensive services right from conceptualization, planning and prototyping to developing and deployment of the custom software applications. We follow agile development methodology to evolve applications dynamically as per the demanding changes.

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Our Agile Development Process

Planning: This is the first step towards developing a custom app. After taking detailed requirements from a client, we devise a strategy to identify the important functions of the project. Then we estimate the time it takes for completion and break down the project into modules.

Analysis: In this phase, we do a thorough analysis to understand client’s requirements meticulously and decide how to deliver best results at minimized costs. For this, we may integrate multiple solutions or altogether develop a new software.

Designing & Prototyping: The actual work begins in this phase as we give shape to the detailed requirements gathered in the planning and analysis phase. Prototyping is then done for client’s reference.

Code Development: This phase begins once the design and prototype made available is liked by the client. We take down additional requirements if any and make changes to design accordingly. Post this, we assign the project modules in the form of sprints to the team of developers. This is done to accommodate all running changes that come from client’s end. All early issues are identified in this phase and an appropriate code is then developed.

Software Testing: The code thus developed is subject to rigorous testing to identify and isolate various issues. Different testing types include functionality testing, integration testing, interoperability testing, security testing, regression testing, performance and load testing, compatibility testing, and usability testing. The code is then modified accordingly and tested again.

Client Demo: After code development, we organize client demonstration requesting their acceptance. If the client still needs improvements then we start over again till the perfect software is developed.

Software Release: After client’s approval, we do a code hand-off so that the product/service is released into the market.

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What Mobee Labs’ Custom Software Development Services can offer your business?

The following are the service offerings that can be of great help to your business.

Custom Software Development: Bring us your ideas or custom software needs and we shall provide you with the best software applications that meet your business expectations. We like challenges so make the most out of our custom software development services.

Application Re-engineering: We do end-to-end testing on your application to identify all bugs and fix them accordingly. In doing so, we enable you to speed up your business activities with utmost quality.

Application Modernization: Want to save the investment for new software? Then try our application modernization services which try to raise the application standards at par with market demand. It saves both money and resources for your business.

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