Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) Services

Manage Your IT Infrastructure Smartly and Efficiently

Sometimes organizations are challenged with the task of maintaining and expanding IT infrastructure with the ever growing business needs. The overall process could be cumbersome and expensive. In such cases remote infrastructure management can be handy to these organizations to ensure continuous business operations at low costs.

Mobee Labs has the required expertise to help organizations mainly startups and SMBs to efficiently work and manage their IT infrastructure. Our cost-effective RIM services enable businesses to scale up their business process whenever required and gain competitive advantage.

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Our RIM Services

  • Monitoring

    We offer IT monitoring services for organizations planning to free up their time and focus on core business operations. Our in-house experts will remotely monitor the functioning of your IT infrastructure and flag issues that slow down the business process. Issues are soon fixed to optimize the performance of the existing IT infrastructure.
  • Complaints

    Organizations are provided with an online channel to raise issues/complaints. We set prioritization and fix the issues at the earliest opportunity.
  • Connectivity

    All network connectivity issues are remotely monitored and fixed without affecting the productivity of the business. We use latest technologies in identifying connectivity issues and provide immediate remedy for the business continuance.
  • Hardware Requirements & Provisioning

    We take care of all hardware requirements for our clients and offer provisioning services to enable them to address the business challenges. By outsourcing the hardware requirements, our clients save significant time and energy.